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Webinar Games boost participation

It's tough to engage people's full attention in a webinar. Unless you can hold their attention, they can do email, surf the web, work on projects, or even take a nap. How do you hold them so they will pay attention and retain your message?

A webinar game is a great solution! The interaction of a game increases engagement and participation. And when the game has the key points of your message embedded in it, then you have a memorable way to reinforce your points.

How's how to use a webinar game in your next webinar:

  1. Get Game Show Presenter PLUS Edition software, which creates a fun, TV-style game show based on your topic. Enter some quiz questions that pertain to your topic.
  2. Using GoToMeetings or a similar screensharing webinar tool, play the game show for your webinar audience. Use 1-player mode so everyone in your webinar performs as one big team. Or, divide your audience into teams and use "Take Turns" mode to have them compete.
  3. Participants can use the phone or chat features of your webinar software to answer the quiz questions.

The game show contains music, animation and your challenging questions! It's a great way to make your message memorable and to reward people for paying attention.

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